Value of Photographer in Wedding

Photographers was always the part of your happy times whether in 90s or now but now their
way of work has been changed following technologies . Let’s start from beginning !! In 90s
hiring a professional photographer was just an formality which completes your event not
every occasion include photographers and even after hiring them they were didn’t treated
like professionals not so in demand..! But now their way of presenting their work completing
their task has been changed calling them artist or professionals is completely fair now . As
their way of work changed there demands increased the one thing that didn’t changed is
people thought’s about them and their work .People still treat them like old school
photographer which is completely wrong . Now photographers are not the one who have an
studios where you can go and simply get pictures with a scenery behind . They doesn’t
roam around people at weddings to get a shot of them with their food as the era changed
technologies developed and so professional photographers . Now people thought process
can be changed if they get to know about photographers struggle ‚ work and all that which
complete today’s Professional photographers .

Importance of photographer

How important is photographer ? This question have easy answer . As like capturing your
memorable moment’s are important the same way photographers are important . Because your
moment can be captured by professional only..! if you want it to be perfect . Photographers are
universal language in today’s time . In your those special moments where you enjoy and live that
time & make memory unknowingly that memory ‚ time ‚ moment’s are capture by photographers.
Photographer are those who filter out all those special sorts into a album or video when you where
enjoying . In today’s time where everyone is busy in their daily life doesn’t have a time to celebrate
everyday but by relieving all those memories they can enjoy their bad day too .. but who is behind
those memories .None other than the artist who has clicked you in frame when you were enjoying
your time . Photographer make the photo so natural and realistic that watching the photos or
videos itself can make you happy . Not everyone have this art . Holding a camera or having
expensive camera doesn’t mean you are a photographer it’s all depend on the knowledge which
only a professional know that’s the reason why photographers are important

What is photography and who is photographer?

Let’s talk straight A photography is an art of capturing light with
camera and moments which have those minute elements that get
unnoticed by keen sight .
Defining photography in sentences or on paper is not justiciable
because actually it is Drawing with light’ that can’t be explain in
blog but yes this blog can make you realize about the real
photography which is actually more difficult than you thought and the
artist who is behind all this art is known as Photographers . The
word photography was created from the Greek word photos genetive
of light and graphe representation by means of lines or drawing
together meaning Drawing with lights! .
As difficult the definition is same goes with work photography is not
an easy job and if you were thinking it was easy then you were
wrong .
Okey ! So now you all were thinking if photography is an art
so why can’t we learn this and be a photographer . Let me explain
this photographer’s have this Passion in themselves capturing
moments is what they love to do. And most importantly they didn’t
learn this art they have practiced alot that doesn’t mean they don’t
have any qualification . No they have but after all those they have
practice and after experiencing getting good or bad reviews
improving them working on it and making it perfect … now this all is
not an ordinary task! Now you can understand how important is the
role of photographers because they didn’t allow a minute mistake in
their work after all they have experience and are professional.

Job and role of photographer

The important one “job and role” of professional photographer
before I start telling you more let me differentitate between
Professional photographer and photographers . Professional are
those who have work experience as already mentioned and
photographer are those who generally have zero experience but
know how to carry an expensive camera .
A photographer create visual images for an expectional range of
creative . A professional do whatever their clients need actually after
hiring a professional you actually get a “group of creative people”
who are using their creative mind and their art for you and giving you
best out of everything. What else do you need ? When you are
getting best from the event where you were expecting nothing great
at the end . There are usually types of photographers and their work
is divided according to their role
• Editorial
• Fashion
• Fine art
• Corporate
• Social photography ( This includes wedding photography ‚
commercial photography and it is one of the most
demanding category )
Photographer jobs and role are not just holding camera and clicking your
best shots or recording you in camera .As earlier mentioned as the time
changes technologies got developed. Photographer now doesn’t only

have a camera with them but also a large number of other equipments
which need to be set in manner so that there must not be any mistake
Filtering locations also comes under their work to find your best shot they
need to filter out the best place suitable for the shoot . Wherer your
piictures can look more authentic . Travelling to places also comes under
their working hours .Also they need different objects to complete the
photos and the most important “Editing” or “Retouching images” which
you want professional only to do ? Isn’t it because a single mistake in
editing can cause a great loss . Photographers are Self employed so
promoting their work ‚ making contacts and researching on small – small
facts is the most difficult phase because after clearing all this hurdles only
they are going to get work . So a job and role of photographer is not up to

Wedding photography was largely an studio practice in most of late 19th
century because it includes numbers of equipment which was difficult to
carry at different locations but then discovery of new and improved
methods of equipment took place and with the new technology
photography field also got developed .
A wedding includes a lot of planning which cover Getting best food ‚
right decoration flowers ‚ beautiful dress and the list goes on… but
wait what is more important than all this ? Of course A wedding
photographer which gives you all those memories that is going to be
with you forever .It doesn’t mean you should ignore other part .

Indians spent almost half of their savings on “Wedding day” but after
spending their savings what a couple expect ? Actually a wedding
create innumerous memories and if you can’t memento it then you are
definitely going to regret later . So the couple need memories which
they can hold forever and their generation and the next one could enjoy
it .
Wedding photography is not about pictures but also cinematic videos ‚
shooting series of all your function and arranging all that in beautiful
way ‚ Pre wedding ( if you want ) ..
Pre wedding completely depends on the client but it comes under
“wedding photography list “ .
Wedding photography is their to treasure all your valuable memories for
lifetime . So keep it in your priority list

Creating timeless memory for the most memorable day of your life

Memories which makes your and those who have missed those
moments mind and heart relive all those special time . “Wedding in
india” almost every second person dream about aristocratic
wedding because they want everyone to remember their special
day . A wedding has a lot to capture all those emotions get recorded
which somehow missed by bride or groom .

Some couples consider wedding photography in extra or secondary
list but wait I am just helping you now yo clear you priority part ! Don’t
ignore wedding photography it’s one of the beautiful part which will
make you happy let see how.
Couple priorities decorations ‚ flowers‚ food ‚ designer dresses but
why ? For the guest ? If for the guest then your flowers will wilt within
few hours your dress can get worn one day your food will be quickly
eaten you invition card will be binned but what will be there for
forever ? That photographs which was captured with all those
decorations which is now no more but you can see all those in your
wedding photographs and videos. I am not saying you should avoid
the other but you must be priorities wedding photographer .!
Creating timeless memories which will never fade with time . Not just
memories but your emotions get captured . What you were feeling
when your father was crying seeing you in wedding dress get
captured ‚ what your partner’s first reaction after seeing you get
captured . Now tell me what’s more attractive than this

As you know taking photographs at wedding is one of the
most difficult task . A wedding is only time where all your
friends ‚ family members ‚ relatives are together and a lot of
moments you all made you must want every morsel to be
covered nothing should be missed . In such a big event
only a professional can cover all your moments and filter

out the salient shot . Not only throughout the wedding but
also after wedding photographer has important role to do .
Now they can’t provide raw data to you because that is
what they have after the event with themselves. After all
they focus on post processing and if you want to enjoy all
the memories soon then you must hire a professional
photographer because they can provide you all those
photographs within a time limit given by you or decided on
the deal day . So almost half of your tension become zero
here as professional ensure to give you best quality
because they are highly reputed and doesn’t want to loose
their good reviews .
When you hire professional you can enjoy more without
stress . So now you can focus more on celebrating .
A professional knows better what to do and when to do.
They even help you by adviceing you about poses ‚ dress ‚
style after all they are professional photographer .
Your wedding images are there with you for lifetime . So
not hiring professional can lead you to the great loss like
almost some good memories which could be captured and
make your album beautiful are missing ..!

Professional are the one with responsibilities and they will
make sure to fulfill all their promises ‚ commitments . They
give you security regarding all your precious memories .
Last but not the least professional provide you premium
quality print option . You are getting album ‚ wall art ‚
cinematics and many other which you can read in their
portfolio before the deal.
Soo! Not hiring professional will make you sad which we
never want . So goo for professional photographer only on
your special da

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