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We believe in Quality, not Quantity

Image Maker Wedding Photographer in Gorakhpur is a popular wedding photography and cinema brand operating from Gorakhpur. Aryan and Anshumaan are budding and talented photographer & cinematographer who has been working in the industry as a wedding photographer & cinematographer for over 7+ years now.

These shots are beautiful and display the raw emotions behind the holy matrimony. Also offering Videography and pre-wedding shoots, Image Maker is a one-stop solution for covering your entire wedding celebrations. Specialized discounts are also offered on package bookings.

Services Offered: Candid Photography Wedding Films Traditional Photography Pre-Wedding Shoots Albums Pre-Wedding Films

We understand the values of the event for the customer, and we are proud to be said to every customer,

"We believe in Quality not Quantity"

Our Services

Wedding Shoot

Weddings are special in all humane sense, possible. They're those once-in-a-lifetime days that takes the form of emotions and last even after they have long passed. Each of our frames captures the beauty of raw sentiments and the aftermath of a thousand emotions spurging one after another. We capture them with the perfect amount of magical spark and nerves in our photos & videos. Through wedding, we capture every tradition of love in a frame so that you can live in those moments later.

Engagement Shoot

According to Indian culture, every ceremony of weddings is special in itself, but engagement is a ritual that starts a sweet relationship that connects not only the couple but also their family to a new relationship. Engagement shoot is a way to capture the beginning of all these relationships in the frame and keep these sweet memories of caring for you. The purpose of image maker clicks is to reach your precious moment in a more special way.

Pre Wedding Shoot

Pre-wedding shoots are all about the nervous touch of two hands, the side-glances of familiar yet not so familiar eyes, and the lips that form words to say but end up smiling with butterflies in the stomach. And we know how to balance this jitter and yet make the soon-to-be-a-couple comfortable to face the lenses. Pre-wedding helps couples get to know and understand each other before marriage. It is important to have friends before loving it.

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Baby Shoot

One of the most special time for anyone is to have one's baby. We love it when we are entrusted with the responsibility of freezing some unparalleled moments of someone's life & family via our lenses. The delicate baby, his family's amusement and the celebration of it all, is what we strive to showcase, And baby shoot is also important so that the child can see and live in every little big moment of his childhood.

Music Video

Music has a soul that only a few can see but almost everyone can feel. Rhythm falling in sync with breaths and beats thumping with the heartbeats; it is a symphony of life. We become a part of the orchestral dance that music video demands while we shoot it. And itโ€™s almost always refreshing to create such concepts, ideas and beats into a visual treat, And we like to evoke your feelings in a beautiful story as a music video

Corporate Shoot

When a business starts, a million factors and people play a significant role in making it what it become. We love to narrate the tale of the growth and development of a business empire, right from the beginning. Corporate shoots come with their own set of pros and cons, and we know how to ideally balance both. Corporate shoots are a very good way to attract people to help you further develop your corporate sector profile.

Fashion Shoot

Change is the only constant in fashion and yet there's a pattern in it that has been followed for centuries. When we do the fashion shoots, we ensure to capture the number of endeavours that have gone in making the final product that we see. We capture the story of that clothing in our frames, And at the same time we try to make every artist beautiful through fashion shoots and it is our endeavour to carry forward the tradition of fashion shoots.

Maternity Video

It is said that when a woman gives birth, she takes another birth herself. Her entire life starts revolving around the godsend love she created. We know how essentially significant this phase must be in her life; waiting in love & apprehension. We just shoot all her natural beauty with her emotions. Nowadays, Maternity shoots are trending and it is a special phase of life for every woman in the world. As we all know, becoming a mother is a new birth for a woman and it is a privilege for us to show it in a photoshoot.

Product Shoot

To show any product attractive, it is necessary to shoot the product in order to make it appear orderly and beautiful. Product shoot is a creative art, just like painting and sculpting. The tools are different, but the outcome is the same, an image that can inspire, motivate and engage. Whether you enjoy taking pictures for yourself, or sharing your images with friends, or are interested in potentially selling your work, product shoot might be a great creative outlet for you.ย  Nowadays most of the prduct shoot is done for website. image maker clicks tries to attract every product so that you do not hesitate to promote your product.

Image Maker Capturing, Collecting and remembering sweet memories

image Maker Studio is Registered with Govt. MSME

image Maker Studio shots are beautiful and display the raw emotions behind the holy matrimony. Also offering Videography and pre-wedding shoots, image Maker Studio is a one-stop solution for covering your entire wedding celebrations. Specialized discounts are also offered on package bookings

Image Maker working Since 2012 & have covered almost 87 Weddings.

We love to capture the moments of your big day in the best manner possible. We try to bring life and thought to your pictures. Capturing, collecting and remembering sweet memories is everyone’s dream. So friends we are here to make your wonderful memories more memorable.

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