Are there any good wedding photographers in Gorakhpur?

Have you ever wanted to take great pictures? The key to seeing amazing photography in your everyday life is a little know-how, an eye for detail, and inspiration.

Whether you’re practicing photography as a passionate hobby or have chosen it as your vocation, there are a few great tips and tricks that are sure to elevate your artistry.


Photographers spend years mastering their craft by making thousands of bad photos to find the few that truly matter. Here’s how to use your camera to capture the world around you in the most exceptional way.


Have you ever wanted to take the best photography in your life but did not know where to start? As well as the cameras, lights, and settings for the photos? How about tips on how to make money with your photography skills? Well, it’s all right here! I’ve done my research to find some valuable insights on how to become a better photographer. And also I’ll tell you what skills you should have.


When looking for a wedding photographer, you want to feel that the person will understand your story and be able to tell it creatively. Finding the right person, who understands your style and ideas can feel overwhelming. You also don’t want to spend thousands of pounds on a photographer who doesn’t fit your ideas or approach. Through this guide, I’m going to share the best photography tutorials and education resources I have found over the course of my career to help you on your journey.

Amazing Ways to Find Good Wedding Photographers in Gorakhpur

A photographer is an important person when it comes to an event. The photos taken by the photographer are the only things that can bring back memories of the special day. However, finding a good photographer in Gorakhpur can be challenging sometimes. Here are some ways you can find good wedding photographers in Gorakhpur.

  1. Ask friends and family


If you have friends or family members who have organized an event recently, you can ask them for recommendations. You will be able to get honest reviews on various photography services from them. You will also get to know their price range.



  1. Search online on various Platforms


When you search for a good wedding photographers in Gorakhpur online, you will not just get to know about their services but also about their previous work and client testimonials. This will help you make an informed decision based on what others have experienced with the same service provider.

  1. Ask your wedding planner

A wedding planner knows many photographers and videographers in the city and they will be able to suggest a good one to you based on your requirements and budget. They also have a wide range of contacts which means that they know reliable photography services that deliver on time and produce quality work.


  1. Do some research into photography as a business in Gorakhpur – 


Look at how many photographers are available, how long it takes for someone to get started, how much it costs, and how much competition there is for jobs in Gorakhpur. This will give you an idea of what kind of business opportunity you have and whether or not it would be a good fit for you and your family and your special day.

Finding the right wedding photographer in Gorakhpur can be a challenging task, especially if you are doing it without any recommendations. Finding a professional wedding photographer in Gorakhpur is just a tiny part of it. In fact, your photography must be based on a single idea – it should reflect the beauty of reality but in a creative way and ultimately give an emotional climax to the viewer. 


But do not worry IMAGE MAKERS photographers are the professional wedding photographers you are looking for for your special day. Founded by Aryan and Anshuman Image Makers have been serving clients in Gorakhpur for a while now and they provide all types of photography and videography services. Image Maker is the best wedding photographer in Gorakhpur.


Because your Special Day is their Responsibility!

Value of Photographer in Wedding

Photographers was always the part of your happy times whether in 90s or now but now their
way of work has been changed following technologies . Let’s start from beginning !! In 90s
hiring a professional photographer was just an formality which completes your event not
every occasion include photographers and even after hiring them they were didn’t treated
like professionals not so in demand..! But now their way of presenting their work completing
their task has been changed calling them artist or professionals is completely fair now . As
their way of work changed there demands increased the one thing that didn’t changed is
people thought’s about them and their work .People still treat them like old school
photographer which is completely wrong . Now photographers are not the one who have an
studios where you can go and simply get pictures with a scenery behind . They doesn’t
roam around people at weddings to get a shot of them with their food as the era changed
technologies developed and so professional photographers . Now people thought process
can be changed if they get to know about photographers struggle ‚ work and all that which
complete today’s Professional photographers .

Importance of photographer

How important is photographer ? This question have easy answer . As like capturing your
memorable moment’s are important the same way photographers are important . Because your
moment can be captured by professional only..! if you want it to be perfect . Photographers are
universal language in today’s time . In your those special moments where you enjoy and live that
time & make memory unknowingly that memory ‚ time ‚ moment’s are capture by photographers.
Photographer are those who filter out all those special sorts into a album or video when you where
enjoying . In today’s time where everyone is busy in their daily life doesn’t have a time to celebrate
everyday but by relieving all those memories they can enjoy their bad day too .. but who is behind
those memories .None other than the artist who has clicked you in frame when you were enjoying
your time . Photographer make the photo so natural and realistic that watching the photos or
videos itself can make you happy . Not everyone have this art . Holding a camera or having
expensive camera doesn’t mean you are a photographer it’s all depend on the knowledge which
only a professional know that’s the reason why photographers are important

What is photography and who is photographer?

Let’s talk straight A photography is an art of capturing light with
camera and moments which have those minute elements that get
unnoticed by keen sight .
Defining photography in sentences or on paper is not justiciable
because actually it is Drawing with light’ that can’t be explain in
blog but yes this blog can make you realize about the real
photography which is actually more difficult than you thought and the
artist who is behind all this art is known as Photographers . The
word photography was created from the Greek word photos genetive
of light and graphe representation by means of lines or drawing
together meaning Drawing with lights! .
As difficult the definition is same goes with work photography is not
an easy job and if you were thinking it was easy then you were
wrong .
Okey ! So now you all were thinking if photography is an art
so why can’t we learn this and be a photographer . Let me explain
this photographer’s have this Passion in themselves capturing
moments is what they love to do. And most importantly they didn’t
learn this art they have practiced alot that doesn’t mean they don’t
have any qualification . No they have but after all those they have
practice and after experiencing getting good or bad reviews
improving them working on it and making it perfect … now this all is
not an ordinary task! Now you can understand how important is the
role of photographers because they didn’t allow a minute mistake in
their work after all they have experience and are professional.

Job and role of photographer

The important one “job and role” of professional photographer
before I start telling you more let me differentitate between
Professional photographer and photographers . Professional are
those who have work experience as already mentioned and
photographer are those who generally have zero experience but
know how to carry an expensive camera .
A photographer create visual images for an expectional range of
creative . A professional do whatever their clients need actually after
hiring a professional you actually get a “group of creative people”
who are using their creative mind and their art for you and giving you
best out of everything. What else do you need ? When you are
getting best from the event where you were expecting nothing great
at the end . There are usually types of photographers and their work
is divided according to their role
• Editorial
• Fashion
• Fine art
• Corporate
• Social photography ( This includes wedding photography ‚
commercial photography and it is one of the most
demanding category )
Photographer jobs and role are not just holding camera and clicking your
best shots or recording you in camera .As earlier mentioned as the time
changes technologies got developed. Photographer now doesn’t only

have a camera with them but also a large number of other equipments
which need to be set in manner so that there must not be any mistake
Filtering locations also comes under their work to find your best shot they
need to filter out the best place suitable for the shoot . Wherer your
piictures can look more authentic . Travelling to places also comes under
their working hours .Also they need different objects to complete the
photos and the most important “Editing” or “Retouching images” which
you want professional only to do ? Isn’t it because a single mistake in
editing can cause a great loss . Photographers are Self employed so
promoting their work ‚ making contacts and researching on small – small
facts is the most difficult phase because after clearing all this hurdles only
they are going to get work . So a job and role of photographer is not up to

Wedding photography was largely an studio practice in most of late 19th
century because it includes numbers of equipment which was difficult to
carry at different locations but then discovery of new and improved
methods of equipment took place and with the new technology
photography field also got developed .
A wedding includes a lot of planning which cover Getting best food ‚
right decoration flowers ‚ beautiful dress and the list goes on… but
wait what is more important than all this ? Of course A wedding
photographer which gives you all those memories that is going to be
with you forever .It doesn’t mean you should ignore other part .

Indians spent almost half of their savings on “Wedding day” but after
spending their savings what a couple expect ? Actually a wedding
create innumerous memories and if you can’t memento it then you are
definitely going to regret later . So the couple need memories which
they can hold forever and their generation and the next one could enjoy
it .
Wedding photography is not about pictures but also cinematic videos ‚
shooting series of all your function and arranging all that in beautiful
way ‚ Pre wedding ( if you want ) ..
Pre wedding completely depends on the client but it comes under
“wedding photography list “ .
Wedding photography is their to treasure all your valuable memories for
lifetime . So keep it in your priority list

Creating timeless memory for the most memorable day of your life

Memories which makes your and those who have missed those
moments mind and heart relive all those special time . “Wedding in
india” almost every second person dream about aristocratic
wedding because they want everyone to remember their special
day . A wedding has a lot to capture all those emotions get recorded
which somehow missed by bride or groom .

Some couples consider wedding photography in extra or secondary
list but wait I am just helping you now yo clear you priority part ! Don’t
ignore wedding photography it’s one of the beautiful part which will
make you happy let see how.
Couple priorities decorations ‚ flowers‚ food ‚ designer dresses but
why ? For the guest ? If for the guest then your flowers will wilt within
few hours your dress can get worn one day your food will be quickly
eaten you invition card will be binned but what will be there for
forever ? That photographs which was captured with all those
decorations which is now no more but you can see all those in your
wedding photographs and videos. I am not saying you should avoid
the other but you must be priorities wedding photographer .!
Creating timeless memories which will never fade with time . Not just
memories but your emotions get captured . What you were feeling
when your father was crying seeing you in wedding dress get
captured ‚ what your partner’s first reaction after seeing you get
captured . Now tell me what’s more attractive than this

As you know taking photographs at wedding is one of the
most difficult task . A wedding is only time where all your
friends ‚ family members ‚ relatives are together and a lot of
moments you all made you must want every morsel to be
covered nothing should be missed . In such a big event
only a professional can cover all your moments and filter

out the salient shot . Not only throughout the wedding but
also after wedding photographer has important role to do .
Now they can’t provide raw data to you because that is
what they have after the event with themselves. After all
they focus on post processing and if you want to enjoy all
the memories soon then you must hire a professional
photographer because they can provide you all those
photographs within a time limit given by you or decided on
the deal day . So almost half of your tension become zero
here as professional ensure to give you best quality
because they are highly reputed and doesn’t want to loose
their good reviews .
When you hire professional you can enjoy more without
stress . So now you can focus more on celebrating .
A professional knows better what to do and when to do.
They even help you by adviceing you about poses ‚ dress ‚
style after all they are professional photographer .
Your wedding images are there with you for lifetime . So
not hiring professional can lead you to the great loss like
almost some good memories which could be captured and
make your album beautiful are missing ..!

Professional are the one with responsibilities and they will
make sure to fulfill all their promises ‚ commitments . They
give you security regarding all your precious memories .
Last but not the least professional provide you premium
quality print option . You are getting album ‚ wall art ‚
cinematics and many other which you can read in their
portfolio before the deal.
Soo! Not hiring professional will make you sad which we
never want . So goo for professional photographer only on
your special da

Why is wedding photography so expensive?

Wedding photography is a huge industry in India and this industry has been growing rapidly. The prices in this industry vary a lot. Not all wedding photographers burn holes in your pockets to click your wedding picture
There are some amazing budget-friendly photographers available to capture your wedding memories in their lens. The prices incurred in your wedding photography depends on the experience of the photographer and the type of photography that you opt for.
Usually, the more experienced photographers are likely to charge you more than budding photographers trying to build their name in the industry.

What is the Newest Trend in Wedding Photography?

Wedding photography trends, much like other wedding trends are always evolving. Traditional and candid wedding photography is almost always included in the wedding photography package however, sometimes they are black and white, sometimes artistic and vintage at some other times.

Different types of wedding photography are available in almost every budget on Image Maker to help you with photography. Meanwhile, check out the latest wedding photography trends on Image Maker Instagram which are updated every week!

What are the basic tips for wedding photography?

If you are a wedding photographer trying to make it big in the industry, register in a wedding directory like Google Business , Wedmegood , weddingwire , etc to make sure that your business needs are taken care of and you can concentrate entirely on the creative aspects of your wedding photography company. Here are some tips and tricks that might help you create the wedding pictures that you are aiming for.
Take care of your equipment: The camera, lenses, and battery must be cleaned and kept properly. Always check and recharge your batteries a day before your shoot. To carry extra batteries with you on the shoot is an intelligent move.
Plan your day: Go check out the location beforehand to have some shots preplanned in your mind. To work out things timely, plan a schedule, and discuss it with your clients.
Know the couple: It’s best to know the couple to add a touch of personalization to their picture. Talk to them casually about their story, how they met etc.

How much does a wedding photographer cost?

Wedding photography is a huge industry in India and has been growing to become even a larger one. The prices in the industry, however, are not fixed. They change depending upon various factors including the experience of the wedding photographer and the type of wedding photography that you opt for.

While a pioneer in the industry will charge you more than budding wedding photographers, opting for more equipment and work demanding types of photography will cost you more than the traditional types of photography. Image Maker provide you the best wedding photography in almost every budget .

Which are the different styles of wedding photography?

India observes over a million weddings every year. A million wedding means a million couples with a million different needs and demands. For some people, it’s all about going grand on their wedding while others want a simple details oriented wedding. Similarly, while some couples want to go all artistic with their wedding photographs while some want classic vintage styled wedding pictures. Wedding Photographers in India have classified these demands into several categories. We discuss the most popular ones below:

Traditional wedding photography: This type of wedding photography has been existing in India since the very idea of wedding photography exists. This involves capturing the couple and other wedding guests as they pose for the camera.

Candid Wedding Photography: This involves capturing the subjects without letting them know. This type of wedding photography captures the subjects in their happiest, natural, and unconscious moments. This is the most popular type of wedding photography that people opt for.
Pre-wedding photoshoots: These are theme-based shoots planned to capture the bride and groom before their wedding day. Usually, they are planned at exotic locations but lately, indoor pre-wedding shoots have been trending among soon-to-be-married couples.

Black & White wedding photography: This one is a classic. All your wedding pictures are clicked in the shades of black and white making them stand apart from others.

Vintage: This one, again, is classic. All your wedding pictures are filtered to be vintage making them look gorgeous and unique.

top 10 wedding photographers in Gorakhpur?

top 10 wedding photographers in Gorakhpur is published on Image Maker blog along with all relevant details for you to choose the most suitable one for yourself.

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How to Find the Perfect Photographer in Gorakhpur in just 7 Simple Steps

our photographs will be your most treasured wedding keepsake. You’ll immediately want to share them when your photographer gives them to you, and you’ll look back at them 50 years from now, reminiscing about your vows, the kiss, and the first dance.

Choosing the Perfect Photographer in Gorakhpur to capture those poignant moments is an important decision and it’s crucial to find a pro who understands your vision for your wedding day and can document it with style. But you’ll also want someone you trust and feel comfortable with since he or she will be by your side the entire wedding day.

To help you find the right person to entrust with this task, follow our guide to selecting the perfect wedding photographer.

1. Book your venue first.

It’s a smart idea to hire your photographer after you’ve secured your venue. Aim to book his or her services about nine months before the wedding (or a year, if your photographer is in high demand).

2. Hit up your social network for recommendations.

Ask your recently married friends whose wedding photos you loved and solicit recommendations from your wedding planner or the manager of your reception site.

3. Figure out the style of photography you like.

Do your homework and spend some time getting a sense of the style of photography you like. Maybe it’s bright with lots of saturated colors, or perhaps you prefer a more vintage look with more washed-out tones and a dreamy, nostalgic feel. Once you’ve found a handful of photographers whose aesthetic jives with yours, email each person and inquire about if they’re available on your wedding date and their photography rates. If the ones you’re interested in are available on your date and if their fees are within your budget, then you can schedule initial meetings.

4. Interview the photographers.

Most photographers will email you a link to their portfolio of images before your first meeting. Be sure the collection includes recent weddings he or she has shot from start to finish, not just a “best of” highlight reel from dozens of different weddings. This is a more accurate way to gauge the photographer’s work. Also, ask if the photographer has shot at your venue and if so, request to see those photos.


During the meeting, find out who exactly will shoot on your wedding day. Some larger studios employ several photographers, and even with single-person operations, it’s not unusual for the photographer to have an assistant handle shots of the groom getting ready while he focuses on the bride and bridesmaids. In all cases, request to see the work of the photographer (or photographers) who will be handling your wedding.

5. Discuss the fee.

Some photographers’ fees include everything including albums, prints, and high-resolution images (saved on a disc or thumb drive); others have a flat or hourly rate, then charge you à la carte for any pictures or albums you want. Many photographers offer a price list that details several different packages they offer at different price points. Make sure that you understand what’s included. Ask how long the photographer will spend with you (seven to nine hours is ideal) and whether there will be a second shooter, as you’ll get more detail shots this way.

6. Go with your gut.

Once you’ve evaluated each photographer’s work and fees, and narrowed down the options, it’s time to make your decision. Don’t forget that you’ll be spending the entire wedding day with this person, so you want to make sure you feel completely comfortable with the photographer. Do you and your fiancé genuinely like this person? Do you feel like the three of you click?


7. Schedule a test run.

An engagement photoshoot is always a good idea—it’s a great opportunity to get to know your photographer and begin to feel comfortable having your photo taken, especially if you or your groom are camera-shy.

wedding Photographer in gorakhpur

Best Photographer in Gorakhpur

Here is the list of photographer based in Gorakhpur provide best quality

Image Maker Wedding Photographer in Gorakhpur is a popular wedding photography and cinema brand operating from Gorakhpur. Aryan and Anshumaan are budding and talented photographer & cinematographer who has been working in the industry as a wedding photographer & cinematographer for over 7+ years now. These shots are beautiful and display the raw emotions behind the holy matrimony. Also offering Videography and pre-wedding shoots, Image Maker is a one-stop solution for covering your entire wedding celebrations. Specialized discounts are also offered on package bookings.”

Raj Art Photo Studio provides you the best range of professional photography services & other services with effective & timely delivery.

“NS Photographyis a popular wedding photography and cinema brand operating from Gorakhpur. We have talented photographer who has been working in the industry as a wedding photographer for over 6 years now. shots are beautiful and display the raw emotions behind the holy matrimony. Also offering Videography and pre-wedding shoots, NS Photography is a one-stop solution for covering your entire wedding celebrations. Specialized discounts are also offered on package bookings. Services Offered: Candid Photography Wedding Films Traditional Photography Pre-Wedding Shoots Albums Pre-Wedding Films baby shoot Maternity shoot”

“Click Studio provide all type of work in photography and videography like Still Photography Fashion , Candid , baby shot , wedding shot event shot product shot etc and all type of videos shot we know the value of every moments and our team always ready to capture your every moments we have easy and fully flexible option of payments and we know the value of your money so customers can customize there package of there requirements we never force you to take any package we know the importance of your time so we have facility to meet you at your home and delver all product at you doorstop we are trying to change the old relation of coustmers and seller give us chance to make it possible . thanks

“Uprise Digital Media upholds the commitment to quality service and advancement in printing technology for customers. Uprise digital media is one of the best photographer service providers in Gorakhpur. If you are looking for the best printing press services, please feel free to contact us. With the excellent work and great advertisement services, now our company is the best advertising agency in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh.”

“One Shot Films is one of the Top Photography & Videography Company in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. We are a team of young professionals. Our motive is to not only provide the best quality to our clients, but also guide them in every possible way, so that they can get the superior results, without spending too much. We provide following services- • Wedding Photography • Wedding Videography • Ring Ceremony Photography • Ring Videography • Pre-Wedding Photography • Pre-Wedding Videography • Music Videos • Corporate Photography • Corporate Videography • Fashion Photography • Fashion Videography • Video Editing. Contact us now to know more!!”

wedding Photographer , photographer in gorakhpur , best photographer in gorakhpur


wedding Photographer , photographer in gorakhpur , best photographer in gorakhpur

When it comes to planning your wedding there are a lot of things to think about, consider and budget for. The list will seem endless and you may not know where to start, yet when it comes to wedding planning there are certainly a few things that should be your starting point and priority.


The most important part of a wedding is the couple, and that is what it is all about and that is all that matters at the end of the day. However, when it comes to planning the big day you shall speak to a lot of suppliers, from florists, bridal boutiques, caterers, stationery designers, the list goes on, all these people will tell you how important it is to get it right. Getting the right flowers, having the best food, it is all about the dress, that is good, you want to work with passionate people, however are these a priority when planning your wedding? Of course they should be included and I am not saying you should leave out any of these, but are they more important than wedding photography?

I read and hear about a lot of couples who only have a small budget left for their photography, couples who are struggling to find a photography they like for their wedding coming up very soon, and couples who are not having a photographer as they just cannot afford one. These couples haven’t put very much importance on photography…


Is wedding photography the most important thing when it comes to your wedding? Nope, not at all, however when it comes to planning your special day it should be up there on the priority list of things to look at, budget for and book.

Wedding photography is important because it will capture your day, it will capture your memories, it will tell a story, and not just any story, it will tell a beautiful story of your special day, a day you will never forget. A story that you can show friends and family, your kids, and grandchildren, something you will have and can treasure for ever.

You see your flowers will wilt, your cake will quickly be eaten, your invites will be binned after the day, your dress shall be worn once, those shoes shall go back into their box, this isn’t me trying to be glum and miserable, this is about perspective, this is about helping you focus your budget on things that you may not put importance on, such as wedding photography.


Earlier I mentioned about couples who didn’t put to much importance on wedding photography, and it can easily be forgotten or put down the pecking order because on the day itself, you don’t have anything. If you go to a florist they will create beautiful bouquets of flowers for you, your cake maker will make the most delicious and gorgeous looking cake for your day, the list goes on, the thing is here, these are things and items that will be there on your day, things that you and everyone will see. Yet when it comes to wedding photography you are paying for something you won’t see till after, and the best wedding photographers will go unnoticed, your guest won’t even know they are there.


When it comes to wedding planning, it is more than just one day, it is about a lifetime of memories. It is about capturing moments, it is about capturing emotion, it is about being able to relive the day through beautiful photos, it is about smiling at moments that you never knew happened, seeing the emotion on your family and friends faces, and most importantly of all, having a story you can treasure forever.

If you are just thinking about your wedding and looking at your budget, make sure you maximize your budget for your wedding photography, it’s not just a few photos of you and your partner on your wedding day looking beautiful and happy, it is about a beautiful story of your wedding day, from getting ready and smiling with your bridesmaids, to the emotion on your dads face as he sheds a tear and looks on with pride. Capturing the beautiful details on your day after hours and days of planning, from the beautiful flowers, your dress and venue, capturing the day as it unfolds, capturing the emotion of your guests, the nervousness of the groom, all the way through to that first dance, this is not just any story, this is your story.

Make sure you capture your day, and your story, don’t regret not hiring a professional wedding photographer.


Maximize your budget. Will the guests notice if you saved a little money on your flowers, will your guests really notice if you saved a little on the food, will they notice if the cake isn’t 5 tiers high? Save a little where you can and maximize your photography budget, it is the only thing you will have left at the end of the day. Read our article on the The Real Cost of Wedding Photography.

Find your style. There are hundreds of wedding photographers to choose from, and most will travel all over the country and even abroad, take time to decide on a style you like and find a photographer that reflects this. Make sure you view more of their work and complete albums, you don’t want one or two beautiful photos, you want a beautiful story that is of high quality through out, from beginning to the the end.

Book quickly. The best wedding photographers get hired and booked up to 2 years in advance, so once you know the date, find your perfect wedding photographer and get them booked.


We have many articles helping guide you through searching, finding, meeting and picking your perfect wedding photographer, but how about the things NOT to do!


When choosing your photographer don’t just pick them based on value and what is included, don’t just go with the photographer that includes a free engagement shoot, printed album, online gallery, USB pen, photo frames and printed t-shirts just because of the extra bits, they are secondary to the photos that will be captured. It is so important you find and hire a photographer that you love.

Their work matches your style, you know you can trust them, you feel relaxed and at ease with them, all these things will make for an easier day and also better and more natural photos. Many photographers will offer packages with bits mentioned before, including an engagement shoot is becoming more and more popular, if they match your style, you love their work and you ‘click’ with them then this is great, however don’t just pick a photographer purely based on value and what is included.


When planning your wedding there are a million and one things to think about, the list seems endless and sometimes you may just think that ‘will do’. You maybe looking at lots of photographers and struggling to find the time to meet up with them to view their work and see how you get on. It is important not to pick a photographer just because it is taking some time and seeming like an endless task, take your time and ensure you not only find a wedding photographers work that you love, but also a person behind the camera you love too. When you find them you will walk away feeling like you have just been speaking to a close friend, it is so important and makes a real difference to how you feel and come across in front of the camera.

Wedding photographers love what they do, they have a passion for the industry and a passion for capturing beautiful weddings, you may be feeling stressed and many photographers will understand and be able to relate. Just ensure you find the right photographer for you, one that matches your style and one that you can trust and feel relaxed with, go with your gut, if you have no doubts then get them booked! But don’t just say ‘they will do’.


Where ever you see a wedding photographer be it here on this site or online you will see lots of beautiful photos, a range of stunning shots that will catch your eye and make you go wow. This is great and you should find a photographer who’s work you love and makes you go wow, however it is important to remember that it is great having a few photos that make you go wow, however you want a wedding story that makes you go wow, the point here is consistency.

When viewing a photographers work ensure you see full and completed albums, this maybe online or a hard copy, you want to ensure that all photos are stunning and the quality is exceptional throughout, and not just one or two photos that look great. A good photographer can take stunning photos, a great wedding photographer can tell a story through beautiful photos.


So you have picked your wedding venue and booked the date, depending on the venue they may have a list of recommended suppliers, from catering, florists, planners and photographers. This is a great starting place however it is important not to just go off this list and not open your eyes to other alternatives.  You may prefer styles of other photographers you may have seen on here for example that are not on their list, you may have met a photographer from their list but not felt completely happy. Don’t compromise on your wedding photographer by just reviewing ones recommended by the venue, ensure you get the best photographer you can afford and the one you want.


Be it your Uncle or friend down the road, wedding photography is more than just a camera. Just because they may have an expensive camera doesn’t mean they have the experience and knowledge to go and capture a wedding. They may love photography, going out at weekends capturing landscape shots, or pictures of the kids playing in the park, however when it comes to weddings it is a dynamic event.

The camera is just a tool and means for capturing the moment, the skill, knowledge and experience is the key to wedding photography. You only get one chance so you want to be in the right place at the right time, you want to ensure you capture that one moment beautifully, you want to ensure you have a wedding story that will help you relive the emotions and happiness if your wedding day.


All this planning is for one day only, one day you marry the partner you wish to spend the rest of your life with, one day you share this beautiful moment with all your family and friends that you love. Make sure you hold onto those memories and don’t look back and wish you had hired a photographer  and Image Maker wedding Photographer in Gorakhpur Fulfill your all requirements as pr their commitment

Photography isn’t about an expensive camera, it is about capturing a story.

Remember you only get one chance when it comes to your wedding photos and after it is all over the photos are the one thing that will stay with you for ever, ensure you hire the best wedding photographer you can afford and hire the best person to capture your wedding day. It is an investment that you will be glad you made years down the road when you look back through your wedding album reliving those special moments and emotions.

Wedding Photography is about unique moments, it’s about being able to relive the day through beautiful photos, this is smiling at moments you didn’t even know happened, seeing the excitement and emotion on the faces of the your family and friends, and, above all, having a story that you shall take with you forever…


How important is wedding photography to you? Have you maximized your budget to get the best photographer you can?

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Get Leads Wedding Photography Business

If you’ve got a new wedding business and don’t know where to start getting leads, here’s what to do:

   1.    Do your homework first.

Use The Wedding Report to find out the real stats about your local wedding market: how many weddings, the average price for your services, average wedding budget. This is vital information you’ll need to figure out what to charge and if there is enough demand in the market to support your new business in the first place.

Spend some time online in the bride local chat rooms of the Knot  and visit the Top 100 Wedding Blogs. What are brides looking for in your service that they can’t find? Look for an unmet need you can meet.

Scope out your competitors online. You’ll need to be different to get business. If you can find a need in your market that isn’t being met, you’ll have an instant edge over your competitors.

   2.    Find a mentor.

The fastest way to get referrals, jump start your business and starting making money is to get a mentor behind you.

Use the Power Lunch strategy to pull this off: Identify 5 respected wedding professionals in your local area. Ask friends for recommendations of super nice people because a personalized introduction is a great way to start the relationship. Someone who isn’t a direct competitor will be easiest, but don’t rule out someone who already does what you want to do, especially if you have a connection with them.

Call them up. Tell them that you admire their work (be sincere!) and that you’re just starting out. Ask if you can take them to lunch to get their advice and help for your business.

Not everyone will respond, but you’re just looking for one person to teach you their secrets, give you advice and eventually send you referrals. 

(Of course, you can always contact Anshuman and I for a consultation; we love helping new wedding pros figure out how to get wedding leads!)

  3.     Make friends in the wedding business. Lots of them!

Look for Facebook groups for local wedding pros, start following local pros on Instagram or identify the local wedding associations in your area and join them. 

Make it your goal to meet three new people at each networking meeting, or to reach out to three new people through direct message on Facebook or Instagram each week. Find a way you can help them and you’ll be come fast friends. It’s a quick way to get your first referrals.

   4.    Follow up with everyone you meet.

When you meet someone, especially if they work in the wedding industry, start following them online or take their card. Jot down a note about your conversation or reference it in your first direct message to them.

After that first message, consider sending them a video or voice message and ask about their most recent wedding – what they loved about the couple they worked with, what they didn’t and if that couple was one of their more typical clients. And make sure to respond when they do! Don’t leave them hanging – reply with your thoughts on their response to keep the conversation goin.

If you stay consistent, people will remember you and the referrals will start coming. It’s the best cheap marketing you can do!

   5.    Use your inexperience as an asset.

One of the trickiest questions to answer when you’re just starting out is, “How many weddings have you done?”

Eeek. You don’t want to lie, but who wants to be your very first wedding?

First, don’t tell them you haven’t done any weddings unless they ask. If they do ask, use your inexperience as an asset.

Explain any related experience and work references you have and then say, “We can offer you an extreme discount because we’re still building our portfolio. We’re just starting out, so we work even harder to make sure you’re happy!”

Practice your answer to this question until it’s smooth and natural. That way you can relax during your meetings.

   6.    Consider online ads – but cautiously.

Many a new wedding pro has thrown money at Facebook or Instagram ads – or even Wedding Wire or The Knot – without doing some research first on who exactly they want to serve, and how they can stand out a bit.

Just advertising that you’re a wedding photographer/DJ/planner/fill-in-the-blank on these platforms won’t get you a good return on your money; instead, you need to make sure you’re sending them to a high-quality lead magnet or download piece – something they’re actually interested in for their wedding, AND relates to your service. This will also help you better narrow down your audience profile for your ads so that you’re attracting the right couples.

Do your homework on your ideal client before running your ads, and you’re much more likely to see a return on your investment instead of regretting an expensive, no-return ad spend.   

   7.    Start a blog and write at least once a week.

Having a blog on your website is absolutely essential to capturing FREE “organic” search traffic, those are the people out there searching for someone like you who haven’t heard of you yet…which is pretty much everyone when you’re brand new.

Make sure you use the names of local cities, towns, regions and venues in your posts. This will help more people find you and you’ll see your traffic increase over time.

As a new wedding business, you bring passion and enthusiasm that the old timers just don’t have, and your clients will respond to it. Make friends meet the brides, and your business will be off to a great start!

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Wedding Photography Tips Part 2

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

Along with the traditional style, couples are most attracted to the photojournalistic style as it resembles documentary and reportage shooting. Photographers have to be skilled to pull this off nicely. They need to be able to quickly change the settings of their camera and frame the moments perfectly. Wedding photojournalism also requires that the photographer blends in with the crowd and be able to capture the candid moments easily. This style of photography will give the clients more natural-looking photographs, which will recreate the exact sequence of events. 

Illustrative Wedding Photography

Illustrative wedding photography makes use of the environment, whether natural or artificial, to frame compelling and visually appealing photos. This style makes use of lighting and background. The couples are made to pose in a way that they look natural. The photographers use more of wide-angle lenses and sometimes aerial photography to get that epic shot. In a way, it is also a blend of traditional and candid wedding photography

Fine Art Wedding Photography

Photographers who focus more on Fine Art wedding photography look for artistic shots. Taking artistic shots involves framing the shots creatively, lighting, and post-production techniques. The photographer has to anticipate moments and use Fine Art photography techniques, which can include posing the subjects in a slightly different way. They can use objects like rings, bouquets, and outfits to create the composition that gives the images a more profound meaning and artistic look. 

The limitation of this style is that it can reduce the number of photos a photographer can take. You can use this style with other photography methods like traditional and photojournalistic ones to get a broad range of photos. Photographers can also ask their second or third shooters to cover different styles of wedding photography while they focus on getting Fine Art wedding photos. 

Fashion Wedding Photography

Fashion wedding photography poses, lighting setups, expressions, and trendy backgrounds, when used in the wedding context, give form to fashion wedding photography. This style is used primarily in bridal magazines or to portray bridal fashion. Couples are made to act as models in this style, which results in getting dramatic wedding shots.

Photography is an art that requires the artist to master it with adequate precision, technique, and equipment. Here are some quick wedding photography tips for photographers to avoid mistakes.

A. Wedding Photography Tips – Before the Wedding

  • Check the equipment– Get your gear out and go over the following points. Get the best lens for wedding photography that you can use in either bright or dull light. Check whether the camera batteries are fully charged. Also, check whether the memory cards have sufficient space to store hundreds of photos. Do not forget to carry your best camera for the wedding photoshoot. Just to be extra careful, take two of each item. Also, bring the necessary tools required for out-of-control contingencies like bad weather.
  • Scout the location– If you want to be a good wedding photographer, then take disciplined care to do a preliminary recce of the marriage location to understand the kind of lighting to be expected. Determine whether you should be carrying portable lights or not. Scouting also helps in judging which spots you can use to take position shots and how the lighting will come into play.
  • Meet the family members to understand their expectations better – To understand the wedding process better, meet up with some of the family members after you’re done scouting the location. Finalize the wedding photography prices if you haven’t done it already. Although it is better to discuss the wedding photography packages before scouting the site and meeting the family. It would also be fruitful if you can get a chance to meet the couple to take in any requests or set expectations. (You can find a general breakdown of the wedding rituals here too.)
  • Try getting a second photographer – This is a prudent measure because it allows you to concentrate solely on the couple and the main wedding proceedings. In contrast, the second photographer could take the venue and family shots. If you’re strapped for cash, then a smart way to get a second photographer is to either reach out to amateur or budding photographers in your family/friend circle or ask the community to extend a helping hand in return for a small cash stipend.
  • ‘Candid’ v/s ‘Formal’ shots – Remember to go through a mental list in your head designating the time and place for candid and formal shots. Also, do thorough research on the wedding photography ideas you need to implement during the wedding shoot. In an Indian wedding, formal shots usually happen during the main ceremony and are scripted, and candid ones are taken around the formal ones, totally unscripted.

  • Make a checklist: You need to have a wedding photography checklist so that you can ensure everything is in place before the wedding day arrives. It can include finalizing your gear, location, style, team, setup, etc.

  • Get a Full Night’s Rest: Do not underestimate the value of a full night’s rest. Photographing a wedding requires strength and endurance, not to mention a clear mind for navigating the unexpected challenges that wedding days notoriously bring, whether it be bad weather, an unrealistic timeline, tough lighting conditions, a difficult client (it happens!), or some other source of stress. The more rested you are, the better you’ll be able to address and overcome any unforeseen challenges.

B. Wedding Photography Tips – During the Wedding

  • Stay on your feet – Make sure you are wearing some comfortable shoes because you will be moving around quickly to cover all the events, rituals and moods.
  • Shoot with Storytelling in Mind – Simply put, be sure to capture wide, medium, and closeup shots during each part of the day. For example, if you’re photographing a ceremony, shoot a wide angle shot (maybe 24mm) from the center aisle to showcase the location, the altar/mandap, the couple, and the guests. Then shoot a medium angle shot (maybe at 50mm or 85mm) of the bride or groom from each side of the ceremony site. This might look like a picture of the bride from the waist up, captured over the shoulder of the groom, and so on. Finally, photograph a closeup shot (70-200mm) of the bride and groom holding hands, or perhaps of their expressions (laughing, crying, etc.). The benefit of doing this is telling a compelling visual story while also setting yourself up to design a better wedding album or blog. 

  • Don’t Forget to Capture Prep – We often think of the ceremony and couples portraits for wedding photographs, but don’t forget to photograph the bride and groom while they’re getting ready for their big day. Prep is one of the best times to get candid shots of the wedding party while they hang out with friends and family. Rather than photographing the couple in various states of undress, capture the final moments of getting ready, which includes having the best man help the groom straighten his tie or put on his coat, as well as the makeup artist putting on the final touches of the bride’s makeup. Parents are usually present for this, which offers a great opportunity to get a couple of intimate family portraits. 

  • How About a First Look? – Some couples prefer to wait to see each other at the altar for the first look on their wedding day. However, it has become increasingly popular to do a first look before the ceremony, and the benefits are many for those who choose this option. Doing a first look before the ceremony allows for more time to capture couples portraits, as well as wedding party portraits with the bride, groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen, not to mention family members who may be present. Furthermore, the first look typically results in excellent candid photos of this emotional experience for the couple, who can share a private moment together away from the watchful eyes of the guests.

Wedding Photography Tips Part 1

How to Master the Art of Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is the nuanced art of capturing one of the most important days in a person’s life. Wedding photographers provide a very special service to society, giving shape to the manner in which families remember the day they came together. 

Wedding photography is one of the most financially rewarding artistic professions in vogue today because it is indispensable to the newlyweds’ grander theme of romance. It has also become the most common option for practitioners of the craft of photography to keep earning a living wage. 

As a prevalent part of commercial photography, wedding photography encompasses several fertile branches of photography. It may include portrait photography, concept, documentary, and candid photography. An imaginative wedding photographer will not just document weddings and related events. She can also borrow conventions from landscape photography, architecture, interior design, event planning, and storytelling. A wedding photography assignment can include capturing records of elaborate ceremonies and bridal portraits before the wedding, including the preparation of announcements, thank you cards, etc. It may also include post-wedding activities such as the reception. 

How to become a great wedding photographer

A good wedding photographer is comfortable around people and has a trustworthy personality. She has an eye for detail and practices discretion. Here are some of the best qualities that make for a great wedding photographer.

Dealing with Pressure

Since a couple wants their wedding day to be documented in the most comprehensive manner possible, they would want to invest in hiring a good wedding photographer. Because of this, there is pressure on the photographer to perform exceptionally well. 

Photographers are expected to provide clients with visually creative images, which appear larger-than-life. Photographers need to be aware that there will not be second chances if something does go wrong. They, therefore, need to practice several photography skills and abilities to deal with issues in a short high-pressure environment. However, to insulate themselves from legal disputes, photographers should insist on a formal contract. 

Delivering the Latest Look

A great wedding photographer has to keep up with the times and read up on ‘fashionable poses’, bridal hair styles, makeup, and wedding gowns. Couples are wont to demand specific looks they saw off Bridal Guide or Modern Wedding. Bridal magazines are continuously pushing barriers, advertising exotic locales, extravagant dresses, dramatic and entertaining themes. A photographer is expected to be conversational with a throng of different magazine-style photos that clients are likely to demand. 

Observing Carefully

A critical part of the wedding photographer’s job is to anticipate the fleeting moments and rare expressions that are likely to come up during the wedding. It is her job to make sure they become a beautiful part of family history. Because a wedding is an emotional and joyous occasion, there will be a lot of these special moments that photographers can latch on to. As the photographer gains in experience, she will become better at predicting candid outpourings from emotional couples and their kin. 

Perfect Timing

Observation would be useless if the photographer is not able to capture the moment. Photographers, therefore, have to be prepared and be present at the right place and time. Photographers must know the event schedule by heart so that they can prepare beforehand. Do your homework in terms of being in the right place before time. Get the right gear based on the type of shot that the situation requires. 

Another skill that photographers must practice is to be able to react and not overthink. They will miss the shot if they wait too long. Emotional expressions or actions have peaks and lows, and a photographer has to try to capture those peak moments. 

Seeing the Best in People

What differentiates a good photographer from a great one is the latter’s ability to see the best in a person. Instructing a person to pose and adjust the situation and lighting to capture that best side is an integral trait of a great wedding photographer

Photographers should strive to conceal the imperfections that they notice in a person, especially in wedding photography. There may be clients who want to document themselves as they are and the event as it unfolds; photographers then may have to go for the documentary wedding photography approach. 

Telling the Story

Photographers, through their pictures of the special day, chronicle the story of the wedding couple. They see a pattern and form a compelling narrative. When the client sees the final album, she should be able to recall the experience and emotions they went through, as well as connect to the event with the help of photographs.

Wedding Photography Styles

Different wedding photographers have different styles of shooting, and photographers can even craft an identity around their unique styles. Many of these styles overlap with each other as there are no strict standards followed by wedding photographers. Also, the client can demand that you shoot their wedding photos in a specific style, or they may choose photographers whose style matches what they want. Here are some common wedding photography styles that you need to know:

Traditional Wedding Photography

If you notice the photos of your parent’s wedding album, it might probably have been shot in the traditional wedding photography style. In this style, photographers have to take full control of the occasion by making people pose and take their shots. Those shots would include group photos, shots of the cake, wine toasting, first kiss of the couple, and so on. This way of photographing the ceremony has been prevalent for a long time. People opt for the classic wedding photography style to get all the main shots of everything that is going on. 


5 Photography Tips for Beginners


So where do you find these interesting subjects? They can be found everywhere, from a stormy landscape, to a simple street scene, to a flower in your garden or local park.

Just take a walk around your local neighborhood with your camera, and you’re sure to find something interesting to photograph.


Something that has a big effect on how your photograph looks is the quality of light that is hitting your subject. There are two aspects of lighting that you need to pay attention to – the color of the light and how harsh / diffused the light is.

Color temperature

As a general rule, we tend to prefer photos with a warm (golden) tone. The warmest light naturally occurs around sunrise and sunset, and this is why many landscape photographers prefer this time of day.

The color temperature of a photo can also be modified by adjusting the white balance setting on your camera. And if you are taking photos using flash, you can use a warming gel on the flash to warm up the light.

Of course, in some instances you may want to go the opposite way, and use light with a cold (blue) color temperature.

Diffuse vs. harsh light

Diffuse light is where the light creates soft shadows, which is preferred for most types of photography, but particularly portraits.

Diffused light can be created by reflecting light from a large surface (like a wall), or by using a large piece of semi-transparent material between the light and your subject. This works the same way as when there is a thin layer of cloud, which diffuses the sunlight and creates a nice soft light.

Harsh light creates strong shadows. Natural light is at its harshest around midday, while an non-diffused flash will also create a harsh light. When shooting with harsh light, try and use the strong shadows it creates to your advantage, incorporating them as an element of your photograph.


When taking a photograph, it’s all too easy to just point and shoot. However, try and take a bit more time to think about the photo and the composition.

Rule of thirds

Composition is how the elements in the photograph are arranged, and a good guideline for composition is the ‘rule of thirds’. The rule of thirds works by splitting an image into thirds both horizontally and vertically, so you end up with 9 sections.

In many good landscape photographs, you will see the photographer places the horizon in the top third of the photo, while the landscape takes up the bottom two thirds of the photo.

As well as placing elements along the thirds lines, you can also try and put your main point of focus so that it falls on the intersection of two of the thirds lines.

The Golden triangle

The golden triangle is a good compositional guideline to use when your photograph contains strong diagonal elements. It involves splitting the photo into three triangles that contain the same angles (are the same shape).

One right-angled triangle runs diagonally from corner to corner, while the other two triangles are created by drawing a line that goes from one of the other corners to meet the diagonal line at a right angle. Try and place the diagonal elements in the frame so that they follow this pattern for a pleasing composition.

Leading lines and converging lines

Use leading lines or converging lines to draw the viewer’s eye into the image. Good examples of this you can use in landscape photography are roads, paths, fences, hedges etc, really anything that creates a line that leads into the photo.

Try and avoid including lines that lead out of the photo as this has the opposite effect, and leads the viewer’s eye out of the photo.

The Fibonacci spiral or golden spiral

The Fibonacci spiral is a spiral based on the Fibonacci sequence, while the Golden spiral is based on the Golden ratio. Both are very similar, and can be used as a compositional tool.

If you look at a curled up fern, this roughly follows the spiral pattern. By photographing a subject where the elements can be arranged in the golden spiral pattern, the curve of the spiral will help lead the viewer’s eye through the photograph.


One of the main advantages of digital photography is the ability to check the photo on the camera’s rear LCD. When taking photos, you should check that the photo has been exposed properly, i.e. is not too dark or too bright. Although modern cameras have sophisticated auto exposure systems, they don’t always get it right.

As well as inspecting the image, most digital cameras also have a couple of tools that can help you judge the exposure of an image. The first one is Highlight Warning, colloquially known as ‘blinkies’. What this does is that any areas blown out white will flash when reviewing the photo on the camera’s LCD.

The second tool is the histogram. This is a graph that shows the range of tones in your photo. If there is a peak at the very left edge of the histogram, this means that some of your photo is solid black. And if there is a peak at the very right edge of the histogram, this means that some of your photo is solid white.

Either way, areas of the photo that are solid white or black contain no detail. Maybe this is what you want, but generally it is better to have detail available even if you don’t need it.

You can modify the exposure of the photo by adjusting the exposure compensation. Use negative exposure compensation to darken the photo, or positive exposure compensation to brighten. Take the photo again, check the exposure again, and repeat if any more exposure adjustment is necessary.

Generally the ideally exposed photo is one that is as bright as possible without any detail being blown out white. You can then adjust the photo on the computer to darken it if needed. It is an extra step, but maximises the image quality.


Blurry photos can be a problem, especially if shooting handheld when it is relatively dark. The key to reducing blur caused by camera shake is either to make sure you are using a fast shutter speed or to make sure the camera has a solid support like a tripod.

To ensure a fast shutter speed, put your camera in the shutter priority shooting mode. As a general rule, the shutter speed should be 1 over the 35mm equivalent focal length, e.g.

  • A full frame camera with a 50mm lens would need 1/50s shutter speed for a sharp handheld photo
  • A 50mm lens on a camera with an APS-C sized sensor has a 35mm equivalent focal length of 75mm, and so would need 1/75s shutter speed for a sharp handheld photo
  • A four thirds camera has a 2x crop factor, meaning a 50mm lens has the equivalent 35mm focal length of 100mm. So it would need at least 1/100s for a sharp handheld photo

The actual shutter speed you need will depend on your handholding ability. To try and give the camera more support when shooting handheld, hold the camera up against your eye, use both hands to grip the camera, and push your elbows in against your stomach / chest.

If using a fast shutter speed makes your photos too dark, try increasing your camera’s ISO setting, and / or using a wider aperture. This will allow more light to reach the camera’s sensor without having to reduce the shutter speed. If you are photographing a person or nearby object you can also use flash to provide enough light for a fast shutter speed.

The alternative option to increasing the shutter speed is to use a tripod or some other form of support (e.g. placing the camera on a wall or table). Make sure the camera is secured tightly on the tripod and either use a cable release or self timer to trigger the camera’s shutter. This way the camera doesn’t receive any shake from the process of pressing and releasing the shutter button.